Chicago Cthulhu

Game 6: The Sands of Time

Cairo, Egypt

After an extended debate on summoning a Star Vampire and going after the Baron immediately, the group decided that the clues pointed directly to the tomb of Nophru Ka in Egypt. They journeyed to Cairo, learned how to ride camels from their guides Omar and Ahmed, and began the four day desert journey to where they knew the Galloway Expedition would be.

On the evening of the third day, they were confronted by an armed gang of desert bandits lead by the notorious robber Kemal. Despite his reputation for leaving Europeans alone, he seemed intent on robbing them. Some surrendered. James tried to make a futile stand. Edmund tried to escape, and tried to hide money up his butt. Eventually, after two camels were shot dead, the bandits confiscated their weapons, money, and possessions (except for the notes with the location of the tomb) and escorted them to a location putting hoods on them so they couldn’t see the layout of the place.

Their hoods were removed and they were tossed into a pit roughly forty feet deep, landing in sand.


Waxahachie Waxahachie

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