Chicago Cthulhu

Game 7: The Sands of Time (continued)


  • Paul Lemond’s dreams lead the group to find and dispatch a strange creature that was killing children in Boston near the Cornwallis mansion.
  • While investigating, they discovered that Dr. Cornwallis was a suspected sorcerer and a member of a strange Brotherhood, lead by one Baron Hauptmann, who lived in the Transylvania region of Romania.
  • Traveling to Romania, they survived a poisoning attempt and forced the Baron into flight, discovering in his castle a spell to call or dismiss a Beast, a fragment of a prophecy of ancient Egyptian Priest Nophru Ka about summoning a Beast, a map leading to a tomb of that prophet, and information on an extraterrestrial sanctuary where a copy of a spell that may help contain the beast can be found.
  • They next traveled to Egypt, where after being robbed by bandits and thrown into an empty pit, they wandered in the dark until they were subjected to a mind bending vision of ancient figures, including two crocodile headed men.
  • They found their way out into the desert and made contact with the Galloway expedition; Edmund severely antagonized Professor Galloway.
  • Despite Edmund’s foibles, they convinced the expedition to change their dig site to that of the tomb of Nophru Ka. Entering the tomb, they found that it looked to have been tampered with, and found a body within.
  • Two sarcophagi within the tomb broke open, and two crocodile headed mummies emerged and attacked them. Katif, the expedition foreman, took advantage of the chaos and tried to to steal a scroll. Edmund shot Katif dead, but not before one of Katif’s henchmen could make off with the scroll and escape by camel.


Waxahachie Waxahachie

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