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Game 5: Castle Hauptmann (continued)

Drovosna, Romania

Drobne had one more delivery for them – a packet of notes left by John Kopeche, the Hungarian student for them. In it, he detailed several of his discoveries about the Baron – most of which Edmund Adler had already discovered. There was one item of note that Edmund had not previously uncovered:

  • In 1886, Count Spanglais of Hungary mysteriously disappeared while on an extended visit to Baron Hauptmann. A party made up of friends and relatives of the Count traveled to Drovosna searching for him, but were unable to interview the Baron. The Count is described as short, dark-haired, and very muscular.
    They recalled that the Baron had previously been described similarly – a short, dark-haired and muscular man – by the priest.
    Eventually, the went to the castle for their dinner appointment. After taking in the Castle grounds for a moment, they knocked on the door. They were greeted, and eventually met the Baron (who appeared to be a tall, blonde man with a limp). After Edmund engaged in his habitual ritual of attempting to ineffectually give people wet handshakes, they were seated for dinner. They had a conversation with the Baron, levied several accusations at him, and eventually found themselves succumbing to a poison. They engaged in a gunfight with him, Edmund and Eliza gunning down his three associates. Despite sustaining a powerful blow, the Baron managed to flee. They followed his trail of blood to the top of the castle, where they witnessed him latching onto a red shape of some sort that rocketed off into the sky, carrying the Baron with it.
    They then set to exploring the castle room by room, making sure at each hallway and turning point to flash the lanterns in multiple directions in case there were assailants waiting to harry them (there were not).
    They found the following items of interest:
  • In the rooms on the front left side of the castle, there were secret entrances leading into the tower.
  • They found several journals that would take two weeks for someone fluent in the language to study and examine.
  • There was a book locked with a clasp called “Brotherhood of the Bast.” It contained a small amount of text and a sketchy map.
    • The text mostly contained some obscure family trees dating back to ancient Egypt.
    • The map described the location of the secret tomb of Nophru Ka. Written in the margin of the map, it said “L. says we will find what he needs to raise the prophet within the tomb.” Eliza was aware that there was a much publicized expedition from Miskatonic University lead by Professor Galloway, with whom she had previously done some research.
  • They found a sheet of vellum containing a spell “Call/Dismiss Beast.”
  • They found a wooden puzzle box, that contained a sheet of crumbling parchment written in medieval Arabic. It is a page from the original “Kitab al-Azif” containing a portion of the prophecy of Nophru Ka. It read:
    • “And it was dreamed again of the priest Nophru Ka and of the words he spake at his death, how the son would rise to claim the title, and the son would rule the world in his father’s name, and the son would revenge his father’s murder, and the son would call the Beast that is worshipped, and the sands would drink the blood of the seed of the Pharaoh, and this did Nophru-Ka prophecy.”
  • In the crypt, they found the body of a recently deceased short, dark haired, muscular man.
  • In an alchemy lab, they found several vials of a thick yellow liquid, as well as a few vials of a translucent yellow liquid. There was a paper written in German for the spell “Brew Space Mead.”
  • In a secret chamber they had to break into with a sledgehammer, they found several decayed bodies in tattered uniforms, one bearing a handwritten journal in Russian.
  • They found a German book called “Geheimnisse des Wurm” (mysteries of the worm). It was open to a page containing the spell Summon Star Vampire. There was also found near the book two bottles filled with a translucent golden fluid (sealed with an elder sign), a small stone with an Elder Sign on it, and a couple of rolled up parchments.
    • One parchment was written in careful handwriting with a note that said “Translated from the originaly R’lyeh Text by Baron Hauptmann, 1238 A.D.”
      • “…and the Great Hall is guarded by his servants and man must bear with him the sign of the Elder Ones. A wise man would not look above to these servants or they may steal his mind. A man should also not bear with him knowledge when he leaves, or the Sleeper will awake to take the knowledge from the man, and the man himself.”
    • The second parchment contained rough notes:
      • “The trip through space to Celeano was uneventful. The Star Vampire was quite docile, and the Space Mead worked as expected. Writings of the Beast are found in the second gallery right on the sixth floor. A copy of the Barrier of Naach-Tith is written there too. It may turn useful if the Beast cannot be controlled and we find need to contain it.”


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